Bandwidth, Voice, Access And VISP Services - Voice Solutions

Imagine offers a fully comprehensive range of wholesale voice solutions. Our advanced and self-maintained network infrastructure means that there is little that we cannot do. Our experienced staff are always willing to sit down and plan through your requirements, ensuring you are making the most of your spend for the greatest value.

Imagine hosts the core network infrastructure for a number of USALs and wholesale voice providers. We leverage the relationships with the companies that we host in order to offer our wholesale clients the best available voice pricing and solutions.

Some of the advantages that we offer:

  • Pure per second billing from the very first second. No minimum charge per call.
  • No setup or minimum monthly fees.
  • Excellent call rates through a number of providers.
  • Exceptional call quality.
  • SIP Trunks with up to 150 channels per 2Meg with no loss of quality.
  • PRI Trunks.
  • Online Voice Management Panel.
  • Experienced consultants.
  • Number provision.

Access Solutions and Data Services

To benefit from the fantastic call rates, cheap setup and savings you require a medium to transport your voice. Imagine can offer almost any access service you may require and will happily work with you to find out which is the best for your requirements.

ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service

Allows up to 30 channels on an ISDN connection and is purchased through Telkom. Imagine can configure and manage your services to get the best effect for your money.

SIP Trunks

With Imagine’s advanced technology you can fit up to 150 channels on one 2MB SIP Trunk, compared to the usual 60 channels supplied by our competitors. This technology can offer massive savings on your infrastructure base costs before you even start to benefit from the amazing per second billing.


Although we do not recommend using ADSL, due to the fact that it is a ‘best effort’ service from Telkom and can suffer from inconsistency and ‘up-time’ issues, sometimes it is the most cost effective and simple solution. We will work with you to try to ensure that line has the best possible quality and speed levels required for a clear and crisp call to your branch or head offices.

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