Bandwidth, Voice, Access And VISP Services - Private Leased Circuits / Leased Lines / VPN

Imagine works with many of the last-mile providers in order to offer our wholesale clients the best possible range of connectivity options for their networks. Our technical engineers and solutions consultants will be able to work with you to recommend the best available access solution for each individual scenario based on availability and budget.

We ensure that the network you entrust to us is operated on the highest level of availability and quality of service possible. Advanced network management solutions are also available for wholesale clients who require an additional level of monitoring, security and management. Real time network notification systems ensure maximum uptime and the fastest possible response times.

    • Telkom Diginet
      • Most locations
    • Neotel Neolink
      • Most central business location
    • Metro-E – via Vodacom Buiness or Neote
      • Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein.
    • eThekwini MetroConnect Fibre
      • Durban and surrounding areas
    • Dark Fibre Africa
      • Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban
    • Infinite Fibre
    • WiFi / Microwave Linking


If your client does not require the significant benefits of a Private Leased Circuit then we can supply inter branch / department connections via a Secure ADSL VPN. This can facilitate a number of cost effective solutions including inter-office VoIP calling and secure inter-office connections.

Our technical engineers are always on hand to suggest the best and most cost effect course for you to take when considering the last mile connection to your office or for your clients. With all of the options available, it is important for a wholesale provider not to be limited to providing access solution via a single network provider.

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