Bandwidth, Voice, Access And VISP Services - Bandwidth & Transit Services

We pride ourselves in offering our wholesale clients an impressive range of bandwidth transit options and solutions. We offer wholesale bandwidth solutions from relatively small volumes without penalising those wholesale clients who start off with relatively small requirements. We believe that everyone should have access to these solutions at rates that make economic sense.

We are also able to leverage various peering arrangement through JINX and private peering arrangement in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency and speeds locally.

  • SAT3/SAFE with SEACOM failover international transit bandwidth. Priced per 64kbps block.
  • SEACOM only international transit bandwidth. Priced per 64kbps block.
  • Local transit bandwidth
  • IP Connect from as little as 2MB - IP Connect supplied by Telkom allows you to provide ADSL based solutions to your clients. Imagine can remove the prohibitively high scaling prices and allow you to enter this market at a very affordable rate.
  • Local, National and International MPLS circuits
  • Managed vISP infrastructure
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