Bandwidth, Voice, Access And VISP Services - Wholesale & Resale Agent Services

Imagine provides a range of Wholesale and reseller services for IT, ICT and Voice businesses.

  • 3-Level RADIUS control panel for Wholesalers, Agents and Customers.
  • vISP resale of MWeb, IS & Vodacom ADSL.
  • vISP resale of 3G / HSDPA services.
  • vISP resale and referral of VoIP services. Client dependent.
  • vISP referral fees for web hosting, server/collocation hosting.
  • vISP referral fees for Leased Lines / Diginet / Neolink / fibre.

Becoming an Imagine Wholesaler or Imagine Reseller couldn’t be easier. Just fill in the application form and upon verification you can instantly start benefitting from the savings in time, money and management.

Do you manage an agent sales team?

Imagine has developed a 2 level control panel to allow you to manage your agents as well as your customers. With their own login and setup our wholesalers can leave their agents to do their work whilst you manage and monitor their progress. It couldn’t be simpler!

Currently, many of our ADSL products come with a control panel to allow immediate sign up and activation. However, throughout 2010 we will be integrating more of the Imagine product offerings, so that you can sit back and watch your agents earn for you as manage the rest of your business. Speak to one of our control team for more information.

You can resell all of our product range.

With the industry ever changing and the requirements of each business being so different, Imagine is committed to supporting your business. We will not restrict our Wholesalers from offering all of the Imagine product range. Even if you have to call us in to consult on the offering, we will make sure that you also profit from the deal.

We believe that you should be able to walk in to every company and offer them something to revolutionise their business. Every sales call should count and every potential client needs something that you can offer them. With so many companies out there who are struggling with their communication we are not just selling them a range of products, we are improving their business and saving them a lot of time and money.

Want to keep your company branding?

Wherever possible we will provide your business with the ability to white-brand our products. In the event that we can’t do that then we can either co-brand or ensure that you are referenced in the management of the products.

With the right volume levels we can also setup up an ADSL realm so your clients will sign up to your branding when they connect to the internet. This is a great service that can ensure your customers have a seamless experience through you.

Voice, Consulting and Private Leased Circuits.

The VoIP market doubled in 2009 and we expect it to double again in 2010. So it’s very likely that you will come across business critical services that require a more robust method of connection than ADSL. There should be no reason for you to lose on this market space and we are there to help you.

We can work closely with you to provide knowledge and feedback on setting up the Private Leased Circuits, hardware requirements, procurement and if necessary go with you to the client as your consultants.

Even if you do not wish to take these clients on directly, Imagine can manage the deal for you while you earn referral fees and commissions.

Tell us who you are and we will email you our reseller pack. It covers everything you need to know to start earning more money with Imagine IPS.

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