RESIDENTIAL - Capped & Uncapped ADSL Broadband

Capped & Uncapped ADSL Broadband Packages

Imagine IPS offers clients a broad choice of Capped and Uncapped ADSL accounts. The account selection in this section is specifically for residential users. If you require more from your ADSL connection then please visit our Business ADSL area.

These are great products for power home users who want high speed access on a budget. Take your pick of Capped ADSL or basic Uncapped ADSL solutions. All offer great value for money with the best service levels in South Africa.

  IS Uncapped After Hours Uncapped Capped Local Only
Allow p2p Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shaped Bandwidth Yes AUP Yes No
Contract Term Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Compulsory Router No No No No
Static IP Addresses 0 0 0 0
Outgoing Email Server Yes Yes Yes Yes
International Bandwidth Fibre Fibre Fibre Fibre
Line Speed Ranges 384k-10MB 384k-4MB 384k-4MB 384k-4MB
Activation Time Immediate Immediate Immediate Immediate
Monthly Fee fr R109.00 fr R879 fr R45 fr R69

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* AUP - Has an Acceptable Use Policy as outlined in the individual agreements.

All Uncapped ADSL accounts offered by Imagine IPS maintain the same priority throughout the month - there are no hidden restrictions or thresholds that slow down your Uncapped ADSL connectivity once a certain download volume is reached.

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