RESIDENTIAL - Local Only ADSL Broadband

Local Only ADSL Broadband

Local Only ADSL offers an affordable solution for access to local South Africa websites and downloads. With the new fantastic uncapped adsl pricing, Local Only accounts are fast becoming a thing of the past. However, they are still cost effective for those people and companies that use a reasonable amount of bandwidth but do not require an uncapped adsl account.

There are three local only ADSL account options available that offer the best possible solution and pricing for your local only needs.

DATA Only Setup Fee Monthly Charge  
10GB Local Only ADSL FREE R89.00
20GB local Only ADSL FREE R147.00
30GB local Only ADSL FREE R199.00
This is a month-to-month account requiring one calendar month's notice to cancel the service.

Fees for the first month of the Service are charged in full and not on a prorata basis.

This account does offer outgoing email server facilities.
You can use any router for this account.

Every account comes with a Control Panel to monitor and manage your account.
There are no rolling window periods or hidden thresholds on this account.
These accounts are classed as a unshaped services.
This account allows all traffic types including P2P and torrents.
Subscription fees are billed in advance.
Pricing includes VAT. Terms & conditions apply. E. & O.E.
A Telkom ADSL line and an ADSL modem/router are required. Pricing is for the account only.

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