Dialup Accounts

  Imagine IPS Monthly Fee
56k Analogue DialUp R 50.00
64k ISDN DialUp R 75.00
128k ISDN DialUp R 145.00

All pricing above includes VAT. Terms & conditions apply.
Requires Analogue Modem and Telkom Phone Line. Pricing not included.
No cap limitations on bandwidth - no long term contracts.

DialUp accounts are affordable for almost every home user.
DialUp connections are not "always on" connections and are subject to Telkom call charges. This can be difficult to budget for as there are no fixed monthly fees.
DialUp connectivity caters for the low-use home or small business user sending & receiving e-mails a couple of times a day and doing occasional surfing eg: Internet banking.

Ideal for the low-use home or small business user, our DialUp solutions offer affordable and easy Internet access. DialUp is the most basic, inexpensive form of Internet connectivity available in South Africa, but is also the slowest. No specialised lines are required - all a subscriber needs is a computer, modem and a Telkom phone line. DialUp allows you to connect to the Internet from your home/business as and when you want to. There are no cap restrictions on DialUp accounts.

With a DialUp connection, it almost doesn't matter where in South Africa you are based - with over 17 POPs (points of presence) around the country and an 0860 connection number, call charges are at local rates. The coverage of the DialUp system across South Africa is vast - the same as the coverage of Telkom's telephone network.

DialUp connections can be used to connect to remote locations on company VPN systems that may not have adequate wireless coverage.

Quick Response Activation
Get your subscription request in during business hours and your DialUp account will be activated within 15 minutes.
24-hour Online Support Desk
Our technicians are skilled, friendly and always willing to help. We strive to maintain the best service levels in the industry. Our online helpdesk offers our clients user-friendly support ticket systems so that they can be kept up to date with progress on their queries in real-time.
Stable, Well Established Company
Imagine IPS was established in 1999 and is a profitable, stable and secure business. We have a loyal, well rounded staff at the core of which is our highly skilled technical team. We are BEE certified and registered as a Proprietary Limited company. Imagine has also been granted a VAN license. We are committed to giving back to the community wherever possible.
Our Own Data Centre
Unlike many companies offering ISP services these days, Imagine owns and maintains all of its own network infrastructure equipment, none of it is leased or hosted by another company (the exception is the equipment that we have no choice but to 'lease' from Telkom). The network support systems (such as the climate control, the diesel and petrol generators, the UPS backup power units etc) are also all owned and maintained by Imagine.
Member of the ISPA
Being a member of the Internet Service Providers Association means that Imagine IPS subscribes to an internationally recognised code of conduct. This ensures that we operate in accordance with established Internet best practices, that we remain committed to being fair and reasonable in all our dealings with you, and that we undertake all reasonable measures to protect you, our clients, from undesirable elements such as SPAM and cyber crime.
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