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ADSL VPN Solutions

  Setup Cost  
Head Office Setup (Primary branch) R 1,710.00 per Head Office
Branch Setup (Other branches) R 855.00 per Branch

Secure ADSL VPN Accounts
Monthly Charge  
30GB Local VPN & Internet Account R 627.00
Add-On Fiber International Bandwidth R 79.80 per GB  
Uncapped VPN & Internet 384k FIBRE (Fiber International Bandwidth) R 1,316.70
Uncapped VPN & Internet 512k FIBRE (Fiber International Bandwidth) R 1,561.80
Uncapped VPN & Internet 1024k FIBRE (Fiber International Bandwidth) R 2,667.60
All pricing above includes VAT. Terms & conditions apply.
Pricing excludes ADSL line fees. E.&O.E.

This product is suitable for any business that requires multiple branches to be connected in to a head office / main branch at a reasonable cost.

Imagine IPS offers a flexible, managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that allows companies to securely connect branch offices (up to 200 of them) to their head office over the ADSL network. This allows for secure and vastly improved information sharing capabilities (documents, access to central databases, access to shared accounting systems etc) without requiring specialised skills or infrastructure spend.

The interbranch connections use IPSEC with 3DES to create the ADSL VPN. In other words, a secure tunnel is routed through the ADSL network and the data moving from branch to branch is compressed (for greater speeds) and encrypted (for better security). This method of creating a VPN is considerably more cost effective than previous connections due to the comparatively low cost of ADSL.

The Secure ADSL VPN solution is managed, monitored and supported by Imagine and all required hardware is included in the solution. The hardware remains property of Imagine and will be replaced by Imagine within 2 business days if it is faulty.

The Imagine IPS Secure ADSL VPN solution offers flexible options and allows a large degree of customiseability. Branches can have accounts that just allow them to connect to the VPN, or accounts that also give them access to the Internet. Uncapped ADSL VPN accounts are also available for larger branches.

Value Added Services that come standard with the Secure ADSL VPN product include:

  • Advanced network map
  • Immediate outage notification
  • Useage graphs
  • Traffic management

Additional options that can be added on to the Secure ADSL VPN solution include:

  • Redundancy via 3G
  • Load balancing via additional links at branches with heavier traffic requirements
  • Voice services for inter-branch communications
  • The VPN solution is fully managed, no specialised skills are required by the client.
  • Secure ADSL VPN allows real-time, high-speed, secure inter branch communications.
  • The hardware is owned and maintained by Imagine - if it fails, the device is replaced at no additional cost to the client.
Network Map for Easy Overview
Clients are provided with a secure login to the Imagine IPS At-A-Glance area. Here they can access an easy to view map of their entire ADSL VPN network on which they can see every branch and its current connection status.
Outage Notifications
Clients can choose to receive notifications via SMS, Email and IM to let them know of any failures or outages at any of their branches.
Usage Graphs
Clients can monitor the useage stats of each branch connected in to the Secure ADSL VPN. This offers clients better management capabilities of the network.
Traffic Management
Critical business applications can be prioritised over other traffic across the VPN to ensure the best and most cost efficient resource allocation.
All traffic between branches is routed via a secure private tunnel. The Imagine IPS Secure ADSL VPN solution makes use of advanced encryption systems to ensure optimal security levels and protection for your business.
Imagine IPS offers one of the widest and most flexible ranges of Secure ADSL VPN options in SA. This means that clients can tailor-make a solution that fits their specific needs. It also means that upgrading can be done 'bit-by-bit' as and when their requirements grow.
Stable, Well Established Company
Imagine IPS was established in 1999 and is a profitable, stable and secure business. We have a loyal, well rounded staff at the core of which is our highly skilled technical team. We are BEE certified and registered as a Proprietary Limited company. We are committed to giving back to the community wherever possible.
Our Own Data Centre
Imagine owns and maintains all of its own network infrastructure equipment, none of it os leased or hosted from another company (the exception is the equipment that we have no choice but to 'lease' from Telkom). The network support systems (such as the climate control, the diesel and petrol generators, the UPS backup power units etc) are also all owned and maintained by Imagine.
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