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ADSL Uncapped Packages

Imagine IPS offers clients a broad choice of Uncapped ADSL accounts. We were one of the first (and remain one of the few) ISP's in Souther Africa to develop and offer our own brand of Broadband Uncapped ADSL. We also offer the standard range of Internet Solutions Uncapped ADSL accounts. All Uncapped ADSL accounts offered by Imagine IPS maintain the same priority throughout the month - there are no hidden restrictions that slow down your Uncapped ADSL connectivity once a certain download volume is reached.

  Vodacom Imagine IS After Hours
Allow p2p Yes No Yes Yes
Shaped Bandwidth AUP Yes No Yes
Setup Fee R 600.00 R 592.80 R 1710 FREE
Contract Term Monthly Monthly 12 months Monthly
Compulsory Router No Included Included No
Static IP Addresses 0 0 5 0
Outgoing Email Server Yes Yes No Yes
Fax-to-eMail Numbers 0 0 10 0
International Bandwidth Fibre Fibre Sat or Fibre Sat or Fibre
Line Speed Ranges 384k-10MB 192k-1MB 512k-1MB 384k-4MB
Monthly Fee fr R210.00
to R3665.00
fr R592.80
to R2223
fr R1653.00
to R3921.60
fr R879.00
to R979.00
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The Dynamic DNS Uncapped ADSL accounts run their international bandwidth via Fiber. These accounts block Peer-to-Peer applications completely, ensuring that one user cannot monopolise the Uncapped ADSL connection and slow it down. In addition to this, certain high-volume websites and protocols are shaped. Home users who wish to use the Uncapped ADSL account for download purposes can still use resources such as the IS News Servers as well as normal html or FTP downloads.

These Uncapped ADSL solutions stand out as one of the most affordable business uncapped internet access options available in South Africa.

Our Static IP Uncapped ADSL run international bandwidth either via Satellite (cheaper option with higher latency) or via Fiber(more expensive, but much lower latency) depending on the account type you choose. The Uncapped ADSL via Fibre options are best suited for companies connecting in to international servers and international VPN systems. These accounts do not prioritise bandwidth.

All of our current Uncapped ADSL options come with a non optional router that remains property of Imagine.

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