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Imagine Uncapped ADSL

The Imagine Uncapped ADSL accounts run their international bandwidth via Fiber. These accounts block Peer-to-Peer applications completely, ensuring that one user cannot monopolise the Uncapped ADSL connection and slow it down. In addition to this, certain high-volume websites and protocols are shaped. Home users who wish to use the Uncapped ADSL account for download purposes can still use resources such as the IS News Servers as well as normal html or FTP downloads.

Type Setup Fee Monthly Charge  
192k Business Uncapped ADSL R559.00 R593.00
384k Business Uncapped ADSL R559.00 R872.00
512k Business Uncapped ADSL R559.00 R1117.00
1024k Business Uncapped ADSL R559.00 R2223.00
This is a month-to-month account requiring one calendar month's notice to cancel the service.

This account offers outgoing email server facilities.
There are no rolling window periods or hidden thresholds on this account.
This account does not allow peer-to-peer or torrents and is designed as a business account.
A non-optional router is provided and remains property of Imagine.
Setup fees for this solution do not include on-site setup but do include delivery within South Africa.
Turnaround time for delivery of this solution is 5-7 working days from the date of receipt of this subscription form.

Subscription fees are billed in advance.
Pricing includes VAT. Terms & conditions apply. E. & O.E.
A Telkom ADSL line is required and line pricing is not included.
These Uncapped ADSL solutions stand out as one of the most affordable business uncapped internet access options available in South Africa.

A non-optional router is provided with this solution that remains property of Imagine. The client does not pay for the router and we ship it to you free of charge. It is the client's responsibility to return the router to Imagine if they cancel the account.

Unique Hybrid Uncapped Solution
The Imagine Uncapped ADSL Product is currently unique in the South African ADSL market. It is the only Uncapped ADSL product to offer no volume restrictions without imposing speed penalties at such a low price.
Ideal for VPN
The low cost of the Imagine Uncapped ADSL product makes it ideal for use in building company VPN solutions. There are no cap restrictions as with Standard ADSL and the connection is permanent. By building a VPN you are allowing your branches to be interconnected and thus communicate better. Secure remote access into the head offices servers allows sub-branches to use the same accounting systems, mail servers, access remote printers, share documentation etc.
Easily Integrated into Advanced Voice Solutions
With low latency Fibre International bandwidth as well as high speed local bandwidth, it is a good solution to use for inter-office Voice Over IP (VOIP) calls, potentially saving money on the company phone bill.
Stable, Well Established Company
Imagine IPS was established in 1999 and is a profitable, stable and secure business. We have a loyal, well rounded staff at the core of which is our highly skilled technical team. We are BEE certified and registered as a Proprietary Limited company. Imagine has also been granted a VAN license.We are committed to giving back to the community wherever possible.
24-hour Online Support Desk
Our engineers are skilled, friendly and always willing to help. We strive to maintain the best service levels in the industry. Our online helpdesk offers our clients user-friendly support ticket systems so that they can be kept up to date with progress on their queries in real-time. Just eMail
Our Own Data Centre
Imagine owns and maintains all of its own network infrastructure equipment, none of it is leased or hosted from another company (the exception is the equipment that we have no choice but to 'lease' from Telkom). The network support systems (such as the climate control, the diesel and petrol generators, the UPS backup power units etc) are also all owned and maintained by Imagine.
Member of the Internet Service Providers Association
Being a member of the Internet Service Providers Association means that Imagine IPS subscribes to an internationally recognised code of conduct. This ensures that we operate in accordance with established Internet best practices, that we remain committed to being fair and reasonable in all our dealings with you, and that we undertake all reasonable measures to protect you, our clients, from undesirable elements such as SPAM and cyber crime.
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