BUSINESS - 4MB After Hours Uncapped ADSL Account

4MB* After Hours Uncapped ADSL Account

A great product for power users who want to download large amounts of data on a budget. Ideal for the home user who wants to download or for a business with nightly backups.

Please note that these ADSL accounts are subject to a "fair usage policy" implemented by IS. The details of the fair usage policy can be found below the pricing table.

Type Setup Fee Monthly Charge  
After Hours Uncapped "Unrestricted" ADSL Fibre FREE R979.00
Monthly rolling contract
No pro-rata billing
Dynamic DNS (changing IP address)
Use of the IS SMTP server
1 concurrent connection

Limited day time useage... 192kbps speeds only reasonable for email and web.
Full line speed only available from 8pm to 8am and at weekends.
*The account will have the same PIR (Peak Information Rate) / speed as your Telkom ADSL line allows during the after hours periods.

Subscription fees are billed in advance.
Pricing includes VAT. Terms & conditions apply. E. & O.E.
A Telkom ADSL line is required and line pricing is not included.
You will also need to supply your own router.

There is very limited day time usage and this account should not be considered if you require quality internet access in the day. We recommend a Vodacom Uncapped ADSL for full uncapped accessibility throughout the day.

FAIR USAGE POLICY: The service carries threshold of 5GB. Should a product threshold be exceeded then the Peak Information Rate for the service will be halved from 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. during weekdays. For the period outside of this time zone, the PIR will be restored to full line speed and will be subject to moderation based on an 80% average clause. Should usage remain less than 80% of the average, the service will remain unaffected. Should individual usage exceed 80% of the average, then first level of moderation will be implemented, moving the service to a shaped service

NOTE: This After Hours Uncapped ADSL account is resold through an upstream provider and may be removed from our product offering at any time should the upstream provider cease selling these accounts.

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With low latency Fibre International bandwidth as well as high speed local bandwidth, it is a good solution to use for inter-office Voice Over IP (VOIP) calls, potentially saving money on the company phone bill.
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