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Diginet / Leased Line Access Solutions

Diginet Leased Lines provide a high quality, high reliability, low latency, guaranteed low contention ratio option for Internet connectivity. Diginet connectivity is geared towards companies requiring round-the-clock bandwidth for applications and services that run throughout the day. Diginet Leased Lines are currently the best Internet access option available in South Africa (from a reliability and contention ratio aspect) for clients who run VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), VPN's, video and data services across their networks.

Setup Fee Monthly Fee  
SAT3 Access Bandwidth      
64k Diginet Leased Line Access None R1,425.00
128k Diginet Leased Line Access None R2,850.00
192k Diginet Leased Line Access None R4,275.00
256k Diginet Leased Line Access None R5,700.00
SEACOM Access Bandwidth      
64k Diginet Leased Line Access None R 855.00
128k Diginet Leased Line Access None R1,710.00
192k Diginet Leased Line Access None R2,565.00
256k Diginet Leased Line Access None R3,420.00
Local Only Access Bandwidth      
64k Diginet Leased Line Access None R 684.00
128k Diginet Leased Line Access None R1,368.00
192k Diginet Leased Line Access None R2,052.00
256k Diginet Leased Line Access None R2,736.00

All prices above include VAT @ 14%. Telkom line pricing not included.
Terms and conditions apply.
Diginet Leased Line Solutions of up to 2Mbit available
Pricing discounts per 64k available on leased line accounts of over 256k.
24/7/365 monitoring - Uncapped, unlimited bandwidth - 4 IP Subnet.

- Diginet Leased Lines are a Private Leased Circuit (PLC) and normally run from point to point.
- Speed and contention ratio are guaranteed.
- Is not a "best effort" service from Telkom as Diginet is prioritised.
- Most reliable way of connecting VPN branches and carrying voice traffic.
- Realtime monitoring 24/7/365.
- Fixed monthly fee makes it easy to budget for.

Leased Lines are, for now, the primary connectivity option for companies who use their Internet connectivity as a mission critical business tool. A company using a Diginet Leased Line are able to host their own servers (such as a mail server, application server or web server) on their side of the Internet Connection.

Diginet Leased Lines are not offered on 'best-effort' terms from Telkom - they are point-to-point connections. On the very rare occasion that a fault occurs, downtime is minimised. This means that Imagine can offer guarantees over Diginet Leased Lines on available access speeds, contention ratios, security etc.

Diginet Leased Lines are geared towards businesses that require a robust, reliable and permanent connection to the Internet to be used for secure mission critical data or applications,or who wish to host servers on their side of the Internet connection.

High Reliability
Diginet Leased Lines / National Private Leased Circuits (NPLC's) are currently the most reliable and robust form of internet connectivity in the country. The circuit infrastructure options offered by both Neotel and Telkom are continually monitored via network management tools to ensure both rapid fault detection and optimal performance. Both circuit options run on state of the art infrastracutre ensuring high reliability and availability.
Low Latency & Low Packet Loss:
Diginet Leased Lines and NPLC's offer the client the best option available in the country when it comes to low latency, high quality connections that have the lowest possible percentage of packet loss. Diginet is the best available connectivity option for VOIP and VPN.
Guaranteed Speeds
Diginet and NPLC's offer true point-to-point connectivity (as opposed to breaking out into a Virtual Private Network [VPN] scenario as with many ADSL solutions currently being offered). Due to the connection running 'directly' from the client to Imagine IPS, our technicians are afforded a high level of control. This allows us to guarantee bandwidth speeds across the connection (providing the physical connection is in good order) - something which is impossible over most other connectivity options.
Wide Availability
Many of the broadband options currently being offered (such as Uncapped ADSL, Wireless and 3G) are very limited as to the areas in which they are available. Diginet works on the current fixed line infrastructure meaning that it is available in almost every area in which telephone lines are available. Some outlying rural and industrial areas do occasionally have difficulty, but for the most part, coverage of the Diginet/NPLC network is excellent.
Our Own Data Centre
Imagine owns and maintains all of its own network infrastructure equipment, none of it is leased or hosted from another company (the exception is the equipment that we have no choice but to 'lease' from Telkom). The network support systems (such as the climate control, the diesel and petrol generators, the UPS backup power units etc) are also all owned and maintained by Imagine.
24-hour Online Support Desk
Our engineers are skilled, friendly and always willing to help. We strive to maintain the best service levels in the industry. Our online helpdesk offers our clients user-friendly support ticket systems so that they can be kept up to date with progress on their queries in real-time. Just eMail
Member of the ISPA
Being a member of the Internet Service Providers Association means that Imagine IPS subscribes to an internationally recognised code of conduct. This ensures that we operate in accordance with established Internet best practices, that we remain committed to being fair and reasonable in all our dealings with you, and that we undertake all reasonable measures to protect you, our clients, from undesirable elements such as SPAM and cyber crime.
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